Mark Hamill begs fans to stop DMing him on Twitter

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker.

Twitter can put fans in direct internet contact with their acting heroes. Mark Hamill, beloved for his role of Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, has always been down to chat with fans on the service, but now he's putting limits on his interactions.

Hamill tweeted a heartfelt message Tuesday asking fans to stop sending him direct messages.

"To remain on Twitter I can't respond to DMs anymore. No way to keep up w/ the daily barrage of requests for Donations-Phone Calls-Signatures-Skypes-Birthday Greetings, etc," Hamill wrote. He ended it with a polite "Hope you understand. Love you all but can't keep up w/ all the demands! #NoDMsPLEASE."

Mark Hamill

 To remain on Twitter I can't respond to DMs anymore. No way to keep up w/ the daily barrage of requests for Donations-Phone Calls-Signatures-Skypes-Birthday Greetings, etc. Hope you understand. Love you all but can't keep up w/ all the demands! #NoDMsPLEASE

5:08 AM - Aug 1, 2018
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A helpful fan told Hamill he could adjust his Twitter settings to only receive direct messages from people he follows.

Another fan dropped a joke into the thread, writing, "Mark, can you sign my petition to keep Twitter DMs open? It would mean a lot to me. And to the people." Hamill responded with "Good one!" and a GIF of a face-palming, laughing chimp.

Mark Hamill

 · 1 Aug
 To remain on Twitter I can't respond to DMs anymore. No way to keep up w/ the daily barrage of requests for Donations-Phone Calls-Signatures-Skypes-Birthday Greetings, etc. Hope you understand. Love you all but can't keep up w/ all the demands! #NoDMsPLEASE

Chris Aung-Thwin

Mark, can you sign my petition to keep Twitter DMs open? It would mean a lot to me. And to the people.

6:43 AM - Aug 1, 2018
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Some fans thought Hamill's DMs may have already been closed to the general public, but the actor could still be receiving messages from people he had prior direct conversations with, even if his account to set to block messages from users he doesn't follow.

Twitter developer David LaMacchia publicly responded to Hamill's tweet, offering to look into the DM issue. "Hey Mark, I work at Twitter and saw this," LaMacchia wrote. "I've forwarded this concern to some other engineers. Would love to ask you a few questions because I want to get more info about the issue. If you get time to DM me (the irony!) please do!"

Madden 19 goes for emotion again, but what it needs most is to be portable

I'm sitting on my sofa, Xbox One controller in hand, playing Madden 19. I'm playing Longshot mode -- it's the second storyline mode that EA Sports has added to its annual NFL game.

I didn't play Longshot when it was introduced last year. It didn't interest me at all. I play Madden as a way to learn about the NFL season, and model future games that my favorite troubled team, the New York Jets, might play. I play it as penance for a weird childhood going to Jets games I only half liked, and an adulthood where I've become addicted to following the team my dad used to love before he died.

Madden and I are old friends.

I'm playing Madden even though the NFL has become a bizarre landscape. And I no longer have season tickets to Jets games. And I find it harder to care about any of it in the real world.

21 awesome video games you can finish in one evening
Longshot: Homecoming ended up sucking me in. I think it's because I didn't expect it to be so much like a movie. It's more storyline than gameplay, and it's heavy on the cliches. But I ended up finding it unexpectedly dramatic and emotional.

It stars Ron Cephas Jones as the coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Friday Night Lights' Scott Porter as a player who feels a lot like his character on Friday Night Lights and even, weirdly, Rob Schneider as the Cowboys' general manager. The cast is generally great. The music is well done. It worked for me -- even though the simple storyline paralleling the NFL preseason and two players trying to make a roster seems pretty basic.

Somewhere in the middle of Ron Cephas Jones' heartfelt soliloquy on aging and parenthood, I shed a tear.

Steve Jobs lied to his daughter about name of the Apple Lisa

It might seem obvious that the Apple Lisa, released in 1983, was named for Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' daughter Lisa, who was born in 1978.

But in her upcoming memoir, Small Fry, Lisa Brennan-Jobs reveals that her father lied to her about the name up until she was 27, and it was U2 front man Bono who exposed the truth.

In the fascinating and emotional excerpt, published in the September issue of Vanity Fair, Brennan-Jobs discusses her complicated relationship with her famous father, who denied paternity until a 1980 DNA test proved otherwise.

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As for the Lisa, it was a commercial failure, with 3,000 unsold computers later buried in a Utah landfill. When Brennan-Jobs bragged to her school friends about her namesake, they responded that they'd never heard of a computer called Lisa. But for Brennan-Jobs, the belief that it was named for her could bring her closer to the famous man who was, in some ways, more legend than family member.

When she was in high school, she finally asked him about it. "I tried to sound like I was curious, nothing more," she writes. "If he would just give me this one thing."

But Jobs denied it in a "clipped, dismissive voice," she says, adding, "Sorry, kid."

Apple ordered to pay $145M in damages for patent infringement

A jury says Apple must pay $145 million in damages for patent infringement.

Apple must pay Canadian patent licensing company WiLan $145.1 million in damages for patent infringement, a California jury ruled Wednesday.

The jury said that some iPhone models infringed two WiLan wireless communications technology patents.

One of those is for a "method and apparatus for bandwidth request protocols in a wireless communication system" and the other is for "adaptive call admission control for use in a wireless communication system," 9to5Mac reports.

iOS 12 Public Beta
iOS 12 public beta: The best features
Apple rejected infringement claims in pretrial filings, and reportedly plans to appeal the verdict.

This is second time the companies have met in court. Apple was found not guilty of infringing on other WiLan wireless networking technology patents in October 2013.

Neither Apple nor WiLan immediately responded to requests for comment.

Apple settled a long-running patent dispute with Samsung last June in a case that went all the way to the Supreme Court.

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Games: An Effective Way To Make Children Learn

Intuitive amusements are accessible in substantial numbers these days. You can influence utilization of them to make your kid to develop and create through key learning. On the off chance that your tyke is permitted to play recreations planned engrossing the substance of the course of concentrate in school then it will be much gainful for them. This will upgrade their aptitudes of tackling issues and examination. It will give a lift to their fearlessness level.

In this article, we are giving the best reasons that will empower us to know the significance of intuitive instructive amusements for the youngsters.

1. Amusements help to present the topic of concentrate to the youngsters funly as they are less scary.

2. Diversions help to meet certain objectives. The children need to meet the essential necessity or need to surpass it to achieve objectives.

3. The diversions likewise help in creating basic reasoning, resolution and self-inspiration. Youngsters can examine the diversions and explain the issues.

4. Their critical thinking abilities will be better. They will endeavor to discover distinctive ways that prompt the way of progress.

5. The kids will learn social aptitudes when they associate with others in specific amusements. This will enable them to acknowledge others sentiments and manage them.

6. They will comprehend the endeavors of cooperation and figure out how to esteem connections and trust. They discover that triumphant and losing is no major ordeal and is a piece of the diversion.

7. They will be more open to tolerating routs and attempting once more. They would figure out how to attempt and retry regardless of whether they bomb once. They will comprehend that training influences things to idealize. It is one of the vital things to recall.

8. The directions in the amusements can improve the perusing, learning and listening aptitudes of the youngsters. They will likewise be more mindful.

9. The kids will learn with enthusiasm as diversions require certain methodology. Therefore, they will be more occupied with the recreations than they had been or could ever be in their worksheets.

10. The guardians can impart a superior connection to their youngsters by getting associated with the recreations and yes they will likewise be taking in specific things. It is one of the essential things to recollect.

The intelligent diversions are an awesome method to invest quality energy with the kids. On the off chance that you are a working guardian then these diversions are suitable for you to influence your youngsters to learn.

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You're Paying Almost 40% More for Your Video Games

In the event that you take a gander at how Video Games were sold 20 years prior, you'd have the capacity to perceive how definitely unique things are currently contrasted with the past. It used to be straightforward; designers assemble an amusement for individuals to appreciate and they offer it at a forthright cost that deteriorates after some time contingent upon the gathering that the diversion gets. Widely praised discharges held their incentive for longer than recreations that don't do as such well in analysts hands. While the value devaluation seems to be accurate these days, engineers and distributers have discovered a path around the issue throughout the most recent 20 years. This arrangement comes as Downloadable Content and Microtransactions.

The change started steadily. Downloadable substance was a strategy for giving more substance to an amusement that had just discharged. This was prevalent among players who were huge aficionados of specific amusements where new substance would be welcome to empower them to keep playing the diversions that they knew and adored. These "development packs" accompanied a cost, obviously, however players were ready to pay additional for them since it added new substance to their most loved diversions for a moderately low cost. They used to be valued at around $30, which was sensible given the measure of substance that they gave. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind had 2 extension packs discharged after the dispatch of the base diversion: Tribunal and Blood Moon. These additional fresh out of the plastic new characters, adversaries, journeys, things and world spaces to the amusement which gave hours of new gameplay to play through. The normal cost for an extension like this would be around $20, which is extremely sensible given the measure of substance that every development includes. A few designers distributers still remain by this model. EA DICE's Battlefield titles more often than not discharge with 10 multiplayer maps at dispatch and afterward more maps comes later down the line as DLC Expansion Packs, every one containing an additional 4 maps and including new weapons, contraptions and assignments. These are estimated at $15 each or can be obtained ahead of time for $60. When all extensions are discharged, this implies keeping in mind the end goal to buy the amusement completely with the greater part of its developments, players need to fork out $120, the likeness two full titles. This may sound soak, yet for players who play the diversion widely, it's genuinely sensible. On account of this DLC show, amusements have turned out to be considerably more costly finished the years. War zone 2 contained 24 maps and cost $80 with the greater part of its DLC. The up and coming Battlefield 1 discharge (befuddling naming plan, I know) will contain 26 maps with the greater part of its DLC and costs $120 to get to every last bit of it. On the off chance that you take a gander at it from a cost for each guide point of view, Battlefield 2 costs generally $3.33 per outline Battlefield 1 costs generally $4.62. That is just about 40% more costly. Notwithstanding when you factor expansion into the cost, it's as yet apparent that the ascent of DLC has brought about the costs of finish encounters expanding drastically.

While DLC includes its place inside the business, there is likewise DLC that can be seen adversely. This is the DLC that is executed with the particular aim to wring however much benefit out of a title as could reasonably be expected with little thought for players. This DLC more often than not comes as "The very first moment" DLC, or DLC that is produced before the amusement is even discharged. "The very first moment" DLC is the place an amusement is discharged and promptly has additional substance that can be obtained. Mass Effect 3 did this. There was discussion when the diversion initially discharged as substance was found on the introduce circle that wasn't open to the player unless they paid an expense. This caused shock the same number of players trust that everything on the introduce plate that they purchase ought to be available as that is the thing that they have paid for. There is the contention that all DLC ought to be free; that all substance produced for an amusement ought to be incorporated inside the $60 that is paid for the title at dispatch, and that the majority of the substance created for a diversion before it is discharged ought to be incorporated with said diversion. This is the place there is some hazy area with DLC, in light of the fact that DLC delineate for diversions like Battlefield and Call of Duty are put into advancement path before the amusement is ever discharged, but then these kinds of DLC content is seen to be valuable to the two players and designers.

There are likewise engineers and distributers that have received an alternate monetisation strategy. Rather than discharging development packs for a vast whole, they rather discharge littler groups of substance in extensive amounts at a littler cost. These are known as "Small scale exchanges". They could appear as customisation choices or they could be for ingame cash packs. For instance, in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, you can purchase weapon skins that change how the weapons look ingame for $2. You can buy in amusement money for Grand Theft Auto V which would then be able to get you new vehicles and weapons inside the diversion. This ingame cash can be earned by playing the amusement typically, yet acquiring cash with genuine cash accelerates the procedure and expels the "granulate" that you generally need to experience. The costs for this range from $3 as far as possible up to $20.

So which strategy is better? DLC? Microtransactions? Both? Not one or the other? In all actuality both of these techniques have their advantages. DLC content like extensions for RPGs and Map Packs for online shooters can give a sensible measure of additional substance to players who need more from their most loved recreations, but then this can part a group into numerous pieces. Players who can't bear the cost of developments for their RPGs frequently feel as if they are passing up a great opportunity. This is demonstrated by my examination where I asked 20 individuals who play Video Games often whether they feel as if they are passing up a major opportunity when they don't purchase DLC extensions. 55% of them said that they would feel as if they were passing up a major opportunity. Players who purchase outline for online shooters inevitably wind up not having the capacity to play the substance legitimately as server player checks discharge after some time. There are workarounds at this; the cost of extensions for RPGs will in the long run diminish after some time implying that players may have the capacity to manage the cost of the substance eventually not far off, and delineate are once in a while offered out for nothing once the player check starts to lessen so low that it turn out to be monetarily useful to discharge the additional substance for nothing. In any case, at that point that presents a radical new contention, as is it reasonable for charge players cash for something that will unavoidably turn out to be free later down the line?

Microtransactions, while disturbing when actualized severely (when players can pay cash to give them an upper hand ingame), when executed non rudely, microtransactions can work ponders for an amusement. Take GTA V for instance. In diversion money can be purchased with genuine cash, and this money would then be able to be utilized to purchase all the more effective vehicles, better properties and more costly weaponry in the amusement, yet none of these give the player any upper hand ingame. This consistent stream of salary that originates from the microtransactions empowers the designers to make more significant substance like new races and vehicles. These would then be able to be acquainted with the amusement for nothing. Overwatch has a comparative framework where players can purchase Loot Boxes at a cost. These give the player restorative things that don't have any impact on their execution ingame. The cash produced from these microtransaction deals are then put towards growing new maps and modes that are acquainted with the diversion for nothing. So Microtransactions are not all awful when executed effectively.

The hard actuality is that DLC and Micro-exchanges are inconceivably gainful. An income report from EA for 2015 demonstrated that $1,300,000,000 of their income originated from DLC and Microtransactions alone. This represented the greater part of their aggregate income for the whole year, so if these kinds of monetisation were to just vanish, at that point designers and distributers would gain significantly less. Thus, this could affect the quality and amount of the recreations that eventually get made. With less cash, recreations must be either substantially littler or considerably less driven to minimize expenses. So perhaps, DLC and Micro-exchanges aren't as terrible as a few people make them out to be. For whatever length of time that the way that DLC and Micro-exchanges isn't meddling and doesn't abuse the player, at that point more cash setting off to the designers must be something to be thankful for as it not just furnishes players with the substance that they need, however it likewise propels the business forward as more cash is put resources into more yearning ventures like new gameplay ideas and rendering motors.

Mark Hamill begs fans to stop DMing him on Twitter

lukeleathercape Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker. Lucasfilm Twitter can put fans in direct internet contact with their acting heroes. Mark Hami...