About Us

Since 2010, Mainlight Sports has been a leader in supplying Cricket, Baseball and Soccer equipment, sports netting and artificial turf while specializing in the indoor and outdoor sports facility design. We work with the best names in the business to bring innovative products that your players, teams and facilities need to become " Professional ".

Who We Are

Mainlight Sports is an Internet Retailer with dealers all over the world! Not only are dedicated to selling professional quality sports equipment, backed up by unrivaled industry expertise. But importantly Mainlight Sports stocks everything we sell. We are not run from a bedroom- we are not just a pretty face, we have the fully operational body to go with it....we are the model professional!

Our staff offer expertise and honesty, not just sales patter. Installed from the top is mentally that we treat any inquiry as if we were the ones seeking information. What we tell you will be honest, understandable and relevant and if a sale follows we want you to go away thinking you've got a great deal and not had a raw deal. For we want Mainlight Sports to be your first port of call for things sport!

What We Do

Mainlight Sports has also been specializing in the design, installation and supply of Hundreds of indoor sports and outdoor facilities. Our Sports facility experts specialize in supplying baseball, Cricket and Soccer facilities with artificial turf, custom netting and batting cages, training aids, rubber flooring and more. We help facility owners bring their idea from concept to completion.

How We Do It

With over 25,000 sq feet of storage Mainlight Sports has it all. We endeavor to give you the consumer a choice, we understand it's not one size fits all- that's why our products associated with each sport provide the most comprehensive range anywhere.